Anti-Semitic Poster Found Outside Fairfax District Synagogue

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An anti-semitic poster has shown up aft respective others successful the Fairfax District. The poster has been taken down but the connection of hatred lingers.

"We're frustrated," said Rabbi Yossi Eilfort, who runs the information that patrols the country and archetypal spotted the poster utilizing the letters "a" and "v" to make the Star of David with the words "anti-vaxxers." "It comes successful waves and the question is decidedly higher present than it has been."

Meister says the sheriff's section is aware, though nary of the posters person shown up there. The poster had a telephone fig that goes to the Abbey successful West Hollywood. The Abbey says they were inundated with calls informing them astir the poster.

"It's profoundly troubling to perceive astir these posters," said Lauren Meister, the politician of West Hollywood. "I don't recognize it and I don't recognize however they could perchance marque the examination to Nazism and what happened successful the Holocaust."


Local quality from crossed Southern California

It comes arsenic conscionable this past play immoderate 200 fliers were recovered successful Pasadena and Beverly Hills. They look to database names crossed the CDC, Biden medication and pharmaceutical companies attempting to nexus them each to a Jewish conspiracy. Police successful some Pasadena and Beverly Hills person launched hatred transgression investigations.

"Crime successful wide has go much brazen," Eilfort said. "I deliberation radical are feeling that."

Another poster was removed from an electrical container conscionable extracurricular Cedars-Sinai hospital. Images were removed from view, but they inactive striking choler successful the minds who saw them.

"Anti-semitism isn't a caller thing," Eilfort said. "If you look astatine Jewish past it's been astir arsenic agelong arsenic we've been around."

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