Fist Bumps, Stolen Fire Truck, and the LAX Runway: 9 Unusual Pursuits in Southern California in 2021

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Even a planetary pandemic couldn’t halt police chases successful Southern California successful 2021.

There were hourslong pursuits crossed respective counties, trucks erupting successful flames, and adjacent a occurrence motortruck getting taken for a joyousness ride.

In 1 chaotic pursuit, the pursuit winded up connected the runway astatine LAX. Even for LA, that’s beauteous wild.

Here are immoderate of the craziest pursuit moments of 2021.

February 2021: Driver successful 90-Minute Cargo Van Pursuit Exchanges a Fist Bump astatine Intersection

A much than hour-long pursuit successful Alhambra and LA took respective twists. Video broadcast Friday Feb. 19, 2021 connected the NBC4 News astatine 11 a.m.

A pistillate down the instrumentality successful a cargo van led a pursuit, and astatine 1 constituent exchanged a fist bump with a bystander, earlier yet surrendering. 

Witnesses often effort to seizure video, interject oregon adjacent halt pursuits successful Southern California. In this peculiar chase, a antheral got retired of his car to locomotion up to the pursuit vehicle. 

An hr aft the pursuit began, the operator -- stopped astatine an intersection -- exchanged a fist bump. Minutes later, the pursuit operator got retired of the van and got successful the rider broadside of a MINI Cooper that drove off. See the communicative here.

February 2021: Traffic Stop Turns Into a Bizarre 6-Hour, Slow-Speed Freeway Chase

The driver's parent wanted to talk astir her son's intelligence wellness arsenic a informing to different families. Jonathan Gonzalez reported connected NBC4 News connected Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021.

A bizarre, six-hour pursuit that captured the attraction of LA sparked a speech astir intelligence wellness aft the driver's parent apologized for her son's actions.

“He was successful a rental car, and I was like, 'What colour is the rental car?' Silver Malibu. Oh my God, this is my son,” Afthemia Patsalos said, recalling her reaction. “He said helium didn’t cognize what was going on. There were a clump of cops, everybody’s aft him.”

Patsalos said she believes her lad was having a intelligence wellness episode. She thanked constabulary for bringing the pursuit to a peaceful end. The operator was allowed to pass with a member during the chase. 

He yet stopped connected an Ontario freeway.

March 2021:Woman With 9-Year-Old Girl successful Car Smashes Into Unsuspecting Drivers After Deputy Hit-and-Run

A pistillate was taken into custody and her girl rescued from a multi-county pursuit during which the operator slammed into different cars. Darsha Philips reports March 10, 2021.

A operator starring a multi-county pursuit aft a hit-and-run involving a sheriff's section conveyance treated a Diamond Bar roadway similar a demolition derby, smashing into unsuspecting drivers earlier getting trapped down a car.

The worst of all: a kid was wrong the car. 

After striking galore cars with bewildered drivers connected the street, the pistillate down the instrumentality engaged successful a SWAT standoff.

A 9-year-old miss passenger, aboriginal identified arsenic the 30-year-old driver's daughter, exited the sedan successful a astonishing scene, with a SWAT serviceman picking her up and carrying her away.

The serviceman aboriginal said his fatherly instincts kicked successful erstwhile helium saw the girl, and helium said helium conscionable wanted to instrumentality attraction of her.

"She was crying. She was grabbing clasp of me. And, I conscionable told her it's ok, it's ok,” helium said.

See his afloat communicative connected his kind absorption successful a tense concern here.

March 2021: Flatbed Truck Goes Up successful Flames and a Bright White Flash astatine End of Chase

A flatbed motortruck caught occurrence during a pursuit successful San Dimas. Video broadcast connected Today successful LA connected Monday March 15, 2021.

A pursuit ended successful flames and a ablution of sparks aft a flatbed motortruck caught fire, forcing the operator to flee.

The pursuit began connected the 57 Freeway adjacent the 210 Freeway successful March.

The motortruck mislaid a tire, and sparks began to fly. It exploded into a fireball, but the operator refused to stop.

It became engulfed and the operator fled.

But the amusement wasn't over. The motortruck exploded into a achromatic flash arsenic as firefighters sprayed flames with water.

June 2021: Man Arrested After Police Pursuit connected a Runway astatine LAX

A antheral was taken into custody astatine Los Angeles International Airport Thursday aft breaching a obstruction and starring constabulary connected a pursuit. Darsha Philips reports for NBC4 News astatine 11 p.m. connected June 24, 2021.

A antheral was arrested aft breaking done a obstruction and winding up connected the runway astatine LAX.

The antheral was driving a four-door car with what appeared to beryllium the letters "SOS" written connected the hood. He breached a obstruction astatine the FedEx cargo facility. See the afloat communicative here.

September 2021: Dashcam Captures Dramatic Police Pursuit of SUV Driver Who Opened Fire astatine School Bus

Video from the Sept. 7 shooting captures the pursuit successful Buena Park and the constabulary shooting that brought it to an end. Video broadcast Friday Nov. 19, 2021 connected Today successful LA.

A antheral successful an SUV changeable astatine and rammed a schoolhouse autobus successful Buena Park, past led a pursuit successful what was an incredibly unsafe pursuit captured connected camera this year.

The dash cam video shows the SUV speeding aft the schoolhouse autobus and pulling alongside it successful dense postulation connected Buena Park streets. The pursuit began aft officers saw the SUV collide with the bus.

The pursuit ended successful a shootout aft the SUV crashed successful a Buena Park School District parking lot. Officers opened fire, sidesplitting the driver. A 6-year-old kid and the driver, identified arsenic the man's estranged wife, were connected the autobus erstwhile the SUV pulled alongside and its operator opened fire. The pistillate and kid were not injured successful the Sept. 7 shooting and chase. See the afloat communicative and video here.

November 2021: Driver of Stolen Big Rig Surrenders After Overnight Freeway Standoff and Eight-Hour Chase

A stolen large rig operator led officers connected a hourslong pursuit earlier a standoff. Video broadcast Thursday Nov. 4, 2021 connected Today successful LA.

The pursuit began aft the large rig was stolen astir 8:14 p.m. from a nutrient work batch astatine Fifth and Indiana streets successful East Los Angeles, the CHP said. 

An worker astatine Individual Food Service successful the metropolis of Bell called constabulary to study the tractor trailer helium was driving was stolen. CHP began chasing the operator with helicopters and patrol cars. They tried to dilatory him down with spike strips 5 times connected the Ronald Regan and Ventura freeways, causing blowouts connected the rig's beforehand and backmost tires. But fishy would not springiness up.

Finally the motortruck was stopped connected the 55 Freeway successful Santa Ana astatine 4 a.m., hours aft it began. Read much here.

November 2021: SoCal Chase Driver Interrupts Funeral Service astatine Church

A household mourning the nonaccomplishment of a loved 1 were forced to evacuate a ceremonial aft a pursuit ended successful the church. Credit: OnScene

A operator who led deputies connected a 45-minute pursuit successful the San Diego country interrupted a ceremonial work astatine a religion wherever helium was taken into custody astatine the altar.

Video shows deputies taking a antheral into custody astatine the religion altar arsenic radical attending the ceremonial work for an 11-year-old lad who died of crab ticker connected successful shock.

The antheral was enactment into handcuffs astatine the altar and escorted from the religion by deputies. He was mumbling things, perchance praying, astatine the altar earlier helium was detained. See the afloat communicative here.

December 2021: Man Steals Fire Truck Outside Hospital, Leading to an Unusual Pursuit successful Orange County

A antheral was accused of stealing a occurrence motortruck and taking successful connected a chaotic pursuit overnight. Vikki Vargas reports Dec. 21, 2021.

December ended the twelvemonth connected a chaotic note, aft a occurrence motortruck was stolen successful Orange County.

Paramedics parked the conveyance extracurricular UC Irvine Medical Center and arsenic they were dropping a diligent disconnected inside, a antheral hopped wrong and took it connected a joyousness ride. 

The antheral led authorities connected a pursuit earlier a bystander stepped in.

He stood successful beforehand of the rig and implored the antheral to halt the pursuit.

When asked why, helium said helium was conscionable trying to halt the antheral down the instrumentality from getting shot. See the afloat communicative here.

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