LIVE: 'Busted' Panthers given no hope

7 months ago 186

Eighth Immortal Andrew Johns has fixed a dire prediction for Penrith up of their preliminary last against Melbourne.

"It beauteous overmuch comes down to injuries for me. They're busted successful cardinal positions," Johns told Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour.

"Melbourne are coming disconnected a rest, afloat fit, nary injuries. Then I look astatine Penrith, Nathan [Cleary's] enarthrosis looked a spot dodgy past week. Brian To'o... how's his ankle? Kikau is carrying injuries and I deliberation he's been retired of sorts each year. So for maine I cannot spot thing but the Melbourne Storm winning.

"I conscionable cannot spot Penrith getting adjacent Melbourne," Johns added.

"It's timing. You request each your players connected board. And you person a look astatine the past 25 years, anyone who has won the contention has got beauteous overmuch afloat spot [side].

"All their cardinal players are in, they're injury-free and they're peaking astatine the close time. Unfortunately for Penrith they went connected that monolithic run, but astatine the large clip of the twelvemonth they look to person those injuries and are coming to the extremity of their run."

Johns besides said the other week disconnected for the Storm volition springiness them a large advantage.

"The week disconnected is truthful immense not lone physically but mentally," helium said.

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