Lumumba accepts North apology over racist comment

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Former Collingwood prima Heritier Lumumba has accepted North Melbourne's apology aft an ex-player was recovered to person made a racist remark towards him connected societal media.

While the player's individuality was withheld by the club, North Melbourne acted swiftly, cancelling the individual's Past Players Association Membership successful the aftermath of his since-deleted comment.

After being contacted personally by North Melbourne CEO Ben Amarfio, Lumumba thanked the nine for taking enactment against the erstwhile player.

"The North Melbourne Football Club has cancelled a erstwhile players' rank aft helium made a racist remark astir maine online," helium tweeted.

Heritier Lumumba has accepted North Melbourne's apology aft being contacted by the club's CEO (Pat Scala)

"While these actions were beyond the club's control, their CEO Ben Amarfio inactive reached retired to maine privately, and publically condemned the behaviour.

"It's that simple. I convey the NMFC for taking swift and decisive enactment to amusement that there's nary country for racism successful sport, connected oregon disconnected the field."

Lumumba's brace of tweets came aft Amarfio condemned the individual's actions, saying those who don't amusement a committedness to inclusiveness were not invited astatine the club.

"People who don't judge these values oregon whom aft years of acquisition inactive don't recognize these principles, won't beryllium invited successful our nine and we anticipation the broader shot and non-football assemblage takes a likewise beardown stance against these ignorant few," helium said.

North Melbourne CEO Ben Amarfio personally contacted Lumumba to connection an apology (Getty)

"Through our assemblage arm, The Huddle, much than 85,000 young radical from implicit 160 antithetic cultures implicit the past decennary person been engaged, supported and empowered done our programs to learn, turn and consciousness a stronger consciousness of belonging to the community.

"We volition proceed to meaningfully prosecute and collaborate with our communities, from Australia's First People to our newest arrivals to make safe, welcoming, culturally-affirming and inclusive environments for all."

The nine has confirmed the unnamed subordinate was connected the Kangaroos' database from 2012 until 2014, erstwhile helium was delisted without playing a elder game. He lone ever played for the Kangaroos' VFL side.

North Melbourne officials person encouraged the subordinate to interaction Lumumba to apologise for his comments and to "try to summation a greater appreciation for the symptom and wounded caused by specified remarks".

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